I have a blog?

I would appear that i do. Interesting.

I really had intended to be better about documenting things.  You know…like the life changing event that is having a baby.  And leaving your job to stay at home with said baby. Stuff like that.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started staying home. I loved my job, it’s exactly what I had always wanted to do since the age of, like, 10. But before I knew that at 10, I knew I would want to stay home with my baby like my mom did.  It took us a while to find our groove.  I let her make the schedule (naps, feeding, play, etc…) so for a while, we were all over the place. People would want to get together and would very kindly ask if our plans would interfere with nap time.  Uh…we’re still making it up.  But that’s done now. She’s sleeping through the night pretty consistently, she can entertain herself for a while so I can get things done.

I’ve had to slow down. My job wasn’t Wall Street fast or anything, but there were plenty of days where I felt like I ran a mental marathon. It’s taken me a while to really stop myself from getting frustrated that I can’t get something done because my mini me needs attention. And after all…she is the reason I’m at home in the first place. Not the dishes.

Speaking of dishes, I’m going to try really hard to bake things. Even stuff out of a box because even that stuff is iffy for me. I want to get the basics down before J knows any better so we can bake together. I would love for her to have fun memories of cooking AND baking with me (ok, ok…I want the memories). I’m also really looking forward to making her food. I have a lovely cookbook that is just so well designed that I just can’t wait to cook from it!  We’re getting close to adding in rice cereal so pureed food isn’t that far behind. Then she’ll be off to college.

We went to a Halloween party on Saturday and dressed J up like a mini cappuccino. She was adorable, but her costume (handmade by D) wasn’t the most comfortable thing so she didn’t wear it for long. D, who bought a nice home espresso machine a few years ago and is obsessed with making coffee, went as a barista. To make it a little different from our normal lives, we got him a tattoo sleeve, made an apron and he wore a hat. I went as a hippie mom…in clothes I already owned. So it was really a stretch. We (well, mostly J) won most creative which my friend says we just went as ourselves and there was no creativity about it.  Haters gonna hate. ;-)

Then, the following day we found ourselves at a coffee shop and this happened:

That espresso cup is just her size.  This was certainly a proud daddy moment.  And no – we didn’t let her have it. Duh.

I’m off – until next time. Hopefully won’t be too far away.  :) I hope to show some pictures of a cute little bootie and scarf duo I’ve made…just one bootie left to knit!


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