Our newest addition!


No, I’m not pregnant. And no, we’re not adding another puppy…or fish…or any other breathing thing. No, no. Something that we have wanted for a very, VERY long time!

We just inherited this 1950′s (we think) Comet travel trailer. Ain’t she a beaut?! I think I’ll call her Clementine. Clementine the Comet. Yes.


Come on in, I’ll give you a tour!


This is what you see right when you walk in. The bed on the right is what converts to the table – we have no idea the state of the table, etc. I imagine it’s similar to the state of everything else. In front of you is the kitchen including a sink and cook top.


This view is taken from the bed in the previous photo, looking at the kitchen and second, main bed. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with that little separation between the bed and the cook top. Sheet metal? Who knows. All those boxes are covering up the sink to the left of the cook top.


This is sitting on the main bed…kitchen in in front and to the right. Can I just point out that adorable little lantern light fixture to the left of that window. You’re cute, Clementine.


Now we’ve turned around, looking at where the previous photo was just taken. I think that’s a little medicine-type cabinet to the left of the window. Then a little cabinet where that mirror is….and D’s personal favorite…the cabinet below is an actual ice box. As in, we need to figure out where to buy a block of ice. Or I suppose we can put in a mini fridge, but it seems to lack some luster. And to the left of those cabinets is a tiny itty-bitty clothes closet.


Here’s a close up of the ice box. Oh, my darlin’ Clementine. You can see the front door peeking through on the left.

What do you think? Sure she’s a little rough around the edges…but this is a dream to an interior designer who is currently on an extended hiatus. (That’s me).

Here are some other gratuitous shots of the exterior.



So it’s still sitting between Caldwell and Hern at D’s grandparents ranch. We haven’t pinpointed when we can go pick it up…but we need to figure out where to get a permit, new tires and what exactly we’ll pull it with. Among other things that I’m sure haven’t even crossed our minds yet.

We’re also still going back and forth on how exactly to give Clementine a face lift. We’re feeling white, flowy with some fabrics that pay homage to the 50′s. If you want to follow along with our inspiration, you can follow our pinterest board, Glamping. (If you’re interested in what Glamping is, it’s a combination of the words Glamor and Camping. And there’s even a book – which we just ordered this evening…)

We feel so honored that D’s Grandparents deemed us to be a good fit for this sweet diamond in the rough.

D’s been working hard on getting our backyard ready to house her. We’re also going to construct a nice covering for her – to keep her safe from weather and maybe even keep it cooler while we work on it.

Can’t wait until we can show some progress!!


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