So I’ve been thinking a lot about this concept of contentment. We live in a society where when something breaks, we throw it away and buy a new one. (guilty) Or we throw it away an upgrade to the latest gadget. (guilty) Or the grass is always greener on the other side. (sometimes guilty)

As a Christian, I feel responsible to take this concept of contentment seriously. In a few of different aspects. And I feel that perhaps in the past, I didn’t put as much contemplation and effort into it. Allow me a brief flashback: I worked across the street from Anthropologie. If you aren’t familiar…well. Do your wandering eye and bank account a favor and stay away (never mind that 15% off coupon I have burning a hole in my pocket for my birthday month!). Don’t get me wrong. Some of my very favorite pieces of clothing are from there. But it’s expensive. When I would have a particularly stressful day of work, I’d wander over there with the intent to just look at pretty things that don’t live in the internet…then I’d wander right back out with a few pretty things of my own.

What I’m saying is, I have too much stuff. I’ve been blessed with so much. Like, it’s over the top. And now that I’m not going into an office and I am staring at the things I already have all day, it’s slapped me across the face. How did that happen? It’s not like I need to be on an episode of hoarders or anything, but why do I feel compelled to just buy more and more things?

So I’m putting an end to it. I don’t need lots of stuff. Sure, I’m a fan of surrounding yourself with some things you love. But there’s a line somewhere, right? So we decided to have a yard sale (June 15th!) and I’ve been slowing cleaning out closets and things under the bed. And it’s a little bit overwhelming. But oh so satisfying to see all the stuff that’s just been sitting around collecting dust finally out and seeing the light of day.

I just need to live more simply and have contentment for the things that I do have. And more importantly, I want J to grow up with an understanding of contentment – and being okay with it. And love it, even. (And if you’re able to come to her birthday, please don’t feel compelled to bring a gift! She has so much stuff already – we just want to build memories with all our friends!!) Wouldn’t that be awesome? I’ve started reading the blog Blissful and Domestic, in which she discusses a bunch of different family night ideas and emphasizes that it’s the fun you’re having that’s important, not the amount of money you spend. Sometimes, I find myself equating lots of money to lots of fun and that’s just simply not true.

I’m just starting this life detox and so far I’m diggin’ it. And I know there will still be times when I’ll spend money on various things, but I hope those purchases will be much more thoughtful and serve a higher purpose than just retail therapy.

I’m off to fill my home with love and less stuff! What are your best tips for de-cluttering??



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