It’s Friday and all I got was a sick baby

So, we’ve had a icky nose, lots of sneezing and pitiful glossy eyes all week. Well, ‘we’ meaning J. I still hold to my meat=allergies theory and so far so good. Except that she hasn’t had any meat…or dairy…so maybe my theory only works for me. But all I had was a little pressure in my head…so, basically nothing.

Anyway, I have been noticing that J has been showing her personality more and more lately and it made me remember a book I have called What Your Birthday Reveals About You. I don’t believe in all that ‘what’s your sign’ propaganda, but I do find personality stuff interesting. One of the principals at my old work brought this book in one day years ago and my birthday was surprisingly accurate. Not in a “you love life and live it to the fullest” sort of lame general way. But in a “In your sweet-natured, diplomatic way, you’re usually able to win others over to your way of thinking. Nevertheless, you’re flexible enough to be able to adjust yourself to people and events if the occasion demands it.” Hi, have you met me? One of my past coworkers would always laugh because I was always trying to control tough clients. Ok…that sounds creepy. But if they were really wishy washy (um, Amy, I couldn’t sleep last night because I just think this red is too red…can we find a different one? …Someone help me please…), then we’d meet in our library and I’d suggest we make it a standing meeting. That way, they’d be able to feel how long we’ve been standing there and they usually made decisions more quickly. …and usually see that the original red wasn’t, in fact, too red.

But it goes on to talk about how I love to throw parties, I’m creative and that I have a knack for mixing work and pleasure. Nailed. It. I also share my birthday with George Washington Carver, Pricilla Presley, Patti LaBelle, Bob Dylan and Victoria, Queen of England. So, there’s that.

But then, way back when my boss brought in her book to work, I decided to look up my love. It says how he’s intuitive, extremely curious and that “challenges rarely faze you…”. So that made me wonder…what does J’s day say?

Basically, it’s the strangest fusion of our descriptions. It says she’s ambitious and hard working. I mean…she was crawling at 6 months and standing on her own at 7.5 months…I think that’s ambitious! It also says that she’s “…charming, charismatic and fun to be around. However, your sharp tongue and incisive wit can get you into big trouble.” Sorry honey…you get that from your momma. At least that last part. But then it says things like “Although it may take a while for you to come to a firm decision, once you do, you seldom make a mistake.” And that has D written all over it. She also shares a birthday with Frank Lloyd Wright, and that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, I also realized we’re the same sign, Gemini. Now…before you all go thinking that I fell off my rocker….I had another coworker guess that this was my sign. We were working together on a project and it was D-Day (deadline day). I kind of turn crazy on deadline days. And any of you old coworkers who may be reading this, I’m forever sorry. But in the middle of this deadline, she turns around and says “You’re a gemini, aren’t you” … uh, yes, why? “Because it’s the sign of the twins and you have a sort of Jekyll and Hyde thing going on.” Oh, huh. Yes, yes I do. Interesting.

So, I just wonder what the little mini-gemini has in store. Those should be some interesting 3-year-old Jekyll and Hyde tantrums. So sorry, babe.

I just think it’s so interesting and fun to see what your kids personalities will be and how to help them navigate through life. Like a nice, clean blank slate.

Have you thought about what your baby’s personality will be? Any glimpses into the future? Any hints that they are fortunately or unfortunately just like you?

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