So the weather is overcast, J just went down for her nap…this is typically when I go into overdrive and get as much stuff done as possible, including a workout. But I’m just so tired today. I have clothes in the dryer to fold, dishes in the sink, a body to workout, food and birthday presents to shop for…but I just want to stay in pj’s all day and have some quiet time. It really could go either way at this point.

Thanks for all the sweet encouraging words on facebook about my last post. Weight is such a touchy subject for women to begin with…add the crazy emotions after child birth and good grief. I’m so glad to hear I’m not all alone.

June’s been going through a lot of developmental changes lately and it’s been amazing to watch. Yesterday was a pretty big day. She learned how to flush the toilet. I mean really. I guess it’s normal to have an interest in the toilet, but it just seems early (9 months, anyone?). But I have literally nothing to compare it to. A few days ago, I scored her a little dino toy to help her figure out walking at a second hand shop (but it roars…I didn’t realize dinos roared like lions, did you? They didn’t on Jurassic Park. I’m just saying.). She loves it and by mid-morning had it down. And it saves my back a little bit of trauma because oh the walking. She also figured out how to take a bite out of a banana. She has been able to feed herself puffs for about 2 weeks now, but yesterday, I finally gave her an intact banana and after some trial and error, figured out how to take bites. And last but not least, I *think* I may have seen a sign for ‘milk’ yesterday. I’ve really stepped up the signs recently, focusing on food/eat, milk, cracker (which I’ve been using for puff), and more. I’ve read that once the first sign clicks, they just soak up the other signs. So, I’m hopeful. I haven’t seen another one since, so it may have just been coincidence.

Phew. That’s a lot in one day, am I right? And see, if I wasn’t home with her, I would have missed those special moments. And sure, I’ll include flushing the toilet as a special moment. She just looked so big when she did it! How is she almost 10 months? Wasn’t this photo taken like, yesterday?


But no…this was yesterday. How?


Until I get my act together for another post… I’ll be relaxing…or working out…or cleaning. Or just soaking up my baby while she’s still a baby.



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