Stay at Home Mom

It cracks me up to tell people I’m a stay at home mom (SAHM). I get 1 of 2 reactions. The first is typically genuine happiness. They say things like “that’s great, I did that when my kids were young and I never regretted it.” Then there’s the other type. And I actually prefer this second type because it’s just hilarious. They are physically taken aback, sometimes coupled with an audible gasp. Then they muster out a “good for you”… followed by an awkward silence. I just let this silence to happen so they can take their time and contemplate why a competent, fairly successful, woman would choose to be at home with a baby. In their minds, doing nothing. Ha.

So far, I totally, completely, 100% do not regret it. My job wasn’t super high stress, but it came with it’s fair share of demanding clients and the stress of going over budget…and lest we forget any fights with the City of Austin to get a permit to start building a project that the contractor may or may not have already started. Shady.

BUT, I do find myself getting unbalanced pretty regularly. I’ve always been pretty creative. Not in a ‘I’m going to blow your mind, I’m SO creative’ way, but I’m just always thinking about the next little project, Interior Design or arts and crafts, and what little details I can create.

(The hubs used to always say I never never came up with ideas for our house. The truth is, I was so creatively drained after work that as long as the walls were still standing, I was happy. Now that I’m staying in our ever-standing walls of a house all day, I have a HUGE to-do list, in Numbers, of all the things that I want to change. I can’t tell if he’s happy about that or not…)

(Be careful what you wish for…)

Anyway, today, the afore mentioned hubs, graciously watched J while I went to meet some girls from my old work to knit. It was so lovely to just sit and talk. Now that The Bug is crawling and trying to walk…and getting into EV.RY.T H I N G, I can’t exactly follow a knitting pattern at whim. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. I spent my morning chatting with adults and not running after a 9 month old. It was divine. I feel like a new woman and that’s always awesome.

Next on my DIY list is, well, finish the maxi dress that I started MONTHS AGO, got really close to finishing, then my sewing machine lost its mind. But I’d love to make some fun (probably felt) magnets for J to play with on the fridge while I cook. She loves playing with the magnets we have already, but like the dog food, she tries to put them in her mouth. They are pretty good sized, but probably a choking hazard. I want to make food themed ones. Like a fried egg, maybe a carrot, tomato, etc. I have big plans.

I also would love to find the time to knit this: Elsia Next Tote We’ll see how that all shakes out.


You know, while I’m busy doing nothing…  And watching epic backyard battles of the dog vs baby.


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