What was that thing I said about writing everyday?

Anyway, life has been crazy. Lots of work and not much time to play. Sad face. At least its been fun designer work I’ve been out of the groove…of sleep, of blogging, of cooking…everything.

And with that said, onto my topic for today…quality time.

So, there’s this book. It’s called “The 5 Love Languages”. Have you heard of it? A brief overview… the author goes through 5 different love languages (meaning how we express/share love…like a language.) and takes you through case studies of each language. The languages include Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. The goal is to determine which you are and which your loved ones are and help to keep the ‘love tanks’ from getting empty.

I was first introduced to this book by my sister who was trying to figure out everyone’s love languages. After she initially brought it up, I forgot all about it. THEN I was at a coworkers house and she handed a copy of the book to me as a hard surface (we were crafting). After a brief discussion about it, she insisted I borrow it.

Long story short, D and I read it together. It’s life changing. As you may have guessed, I’m quality time. I’d rather sit and talk in a ditch for hours than go to a swanky dinner (…wait…maybe not all the time…) just because I like to connect with people. I would always try to connect with D this way. Talking. Not in that nagging wife soft of way, but like “how was your day?!”. …hoping for some elaboration, I always got ‘fine’. …super. Now what?

Obviously he is a different love language. He’s physical touch. According to his self diagnosis, anyway (I think he’s pretty heavy with word of affirmation, but that’s just me). While my family was the hugging type, I just lost that hand-holding, hugging thing somewhere along the way. But since I never thought to do it, he read that as me neglecting him. But I wasn’t …I was talking. Hello.

Seriously, guys. Once we read this, it totally hit us! Not that our marriage was bad…at all. But our love tanks were low because we were trying to show love in the wrong way. Genius.

So…all that to say… 1. Read the book. 2. Make your spouse read the book (or read it to them in the car, since that’s what I did) 3. With all my overtime, I haven’t really been able to spend quality time with anyone. Not even myself. And I’m totally out of my groove. Grr.

On the plus side, I think I’ve dropped a pound or two. I’ve been living on Whole Foods sushi, cereal and almonds… It sure can make you thin up.

Anyway, sorry about the lack of pictures. I normally try to include an instagram shot or two…but again…totally out of the groove.

Off to bed. Big presentation tomorrow and then some much needed recuperation. Ciao.



Cold soup

Anyone out there like cold soup?  I like the idea…the concept.  But in reality, I’ve decided I can’t stand it.

As you may have guessed, I made it tonight for dinner.  I’m not planning on posting the recipe as I was totally unimpressed.  Blech.  D loved it.  I’m too big on grimy texture and it grossed me out – which is pitiful because I knew exactly what was in it…  it was corn and veg broth based…still icky.


In my last post, I mentioned that lemons and limes don’t mix well…IE: the lemon molds and the lime gets rock hard.  So, I needed more lemons and limes for the week and I bought one extra of each.  They are sitting next to each other on my counter…so we’ll see what happens to them, compared to the ones I have separated.  I will be sure to keep you abreast of any changes.  I know you’ll be dying to know.  Here’s what they look like today:

I’ve decided that I MUST get more sleep…an adequate amount of sleep for my body.  I suspect that I need 9 hours to really function as a human being without the use of an outside accelerant (read: caffeine).  So, I plan on being IN bed at 10:00.  If I make it there earlier than that great…but 10 is my new bedtime.

If you’re interested in why I’m suddenly interested in sleep, here’s a short little article at shape.com on why it’s important.  There are many other studies out there, this is just one small one.  It’s amazing that we neglect our bodies by not allowing them the proper time to rejuvenate.

And with that – I’m off to bed!


Wow – so much for writing every day.  I have so many random thoughts in my head, and since this is just as much a journal for me as a public blog, I’ll share.

Am I the last person to know that you cannot put lemons and limes in a container together?  A quick google search found absolutely no scientific proof to back this up but I know it to be true.  Lesson learned.

My sister and her husband are in Rwanda, Africa.  She’s an RN and they are helping an orphanage with 600+/- kids that have never seen a doctor.  Yesterday was their 2nd week anniversary and they celebrated with a super long flight…  Just nuts.  They will be gone for one week – sounds like lots of work to get done while they are there.

I made salmon cakes last night.  Guys.  It was amazing.  But let’s face it…anything with the ingredients Salmon, buttermilk, break crumbs and capers is well worth trying.  If you want the recipe, check it out here.  It was really easy and came together quick.  Would have been even faster if I had asked the guys at the counter to remove the skin.  Blech.  Here’s my finished product:



I’m trying to come up with a new routine that’s not so….routine-y.  It’s become really obvious that I must move and be active on a daily basis or else my entire body goes nuts and started to double in size.  I made it through P90X last summer with great success, but I just can’t get motivated to do it again.  I have a great bike (that I got a great deal on, too – another on-sale birthday gift thanks to Memorial Day) that I don’t ride near enough.  We decided ride last night.  We left around 8.  Gave B a run around the block, then set off to get the heart rate up.  It was going really great, I was breathing hard, we were exploring the surrounding neighborhoods…then it happened.

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I’ve always been crafty.  I can sketch, cut, knit, glue, hammer, drill, paint and so on…  however, I have always had a hang up with sewing.

Back when I was in elementary school, my mom and my best friends mom thought it would be fun to share their skills with us.  BFF’s mom covered cooking (which included one fateful day that I was forced to eat split pea soup.  Still gagging 15 years later) and my mom covered sewing.  As far as I remember – she didn’t do anything with the machine, only hand stitching.  I made a square purple pillow and I was so proud.

That is where the story turns, well…pathetic.

My wonderful Mother-In-Law gave me an old Kenmore machine that her sister found at a garage sale.  She paid to have it cleaned and tuned and everything and was supposed to be a solid machine.  However, anytime I tried to make ANYTHING, it would freak out and the bobbin would get all kinds of tangled and it was awful and I wanted to shoot the machine with a 44 mag and then burn all the shrapnel in a big bonfire.

So I wrote off sewing forever…as any normal human person would do.  Because let’s face it – I only like to do things I am innately good at.

THEN, after I really got into knitting, I decided I can totally sew.  Then I started singing “Stop The Rock” By Apollo 440 because it’s my “oh, I so got this” theme song and scored a great new, easy to work machine for my birthday (which happens to fall near Memorial Day…so I got it ON SALE).

She’s a beaut, huh? Her name is Audrey.  My very first thing I did was so exciting.  I took one of my undershirts and took it in to fit better.  Thrilling, huh?

Then I made my halloween costume, which was fun because it was supposed to look like rags…the worse the better…

That’s me on the left, if you couldn’t tell.  We were Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.  I stayed up all night for 2 nights getting this rag outfit done.  (Nothing compared to the entire year that D worked on his Jack costume…)

I feel it’s important to tell you that I’m leaving out quite a few tragic events.  There was the time with that old machine that I decided to make up a skirt as I went (obviously there was no good way for this to end)…and the time I picked an insanely advanced pattern to try, which my MIL ended up doing for me when I threw my hands up…and the time a friend and I made business card holders that required sewing and my machine totally didn’t work at all – cue the bobbin fiasco…and the time, fairly recently, when I decided to make cloth napkins (I went with the ole’ make-it-up-as-I-go routine because I’m hard headed)…and lastly when we were in Hobby Lobby picking out a pattern for me to sew and I started freaking out because it was going to be awful and D have to give some tough love – then I went home and I gone-done-did the wrong size…and the time I sewed my finger.  No I didn’t. But only that last one…and I’m surprised I haven’t done that yet.

So, there you have it – my totally unfounded fear.  After so many failed attempts at something, you just have to realize that you have other talents and this isn’t one of them.  But I want it to be one of my talents so badly. I even went to a sewing class that came free with my machine to learn how to use it.  Then I get it home and I just get dumb.  I don’t know how I do it, but I know I’m better at it than sewing.

I intend to keep plugging away at it.  I’d like to finish that pattern that I recently bought (a simple a-line skirt with A ZIPPER…!) but something went wrong after the skirt part, when I started to do the banding – and now nothing is fitting together and I’m sad.  It was off to SUCH a good start.

Hopefully some successful projects to come…maybe I’ll try this, it seems easy enough:


I’ve been trying to decide what this blog is going to be about, exactly.  I guess for the first entry, I should explain my long blog name.  I stumbled upon this phrase when I was looking up inspiration for a client at work.  And I loved it.  It inspires me.

So often we (including a big fat I in that ‘we’) just look to technology to control our thoughts and lives…I mean, hello blog.  We look to magazines for fashion trends…  But isn’t there some merit to the old, simple way of life?  In America, we are very go-go-go.  IE: Drive-thru Starbucks.  When I saw those for the first time, I scoffed… and then got in line…  But if you do any traveling in Europe, you quickly learn about siesta’s.  Business shut down between lunch and dinner because they can.  Because they spend time with their families, because work isn’t who they are.  They still hold to that simple way of life.  I so envy that.  That, and their architecture.  But that’s a whole other blog post.

I’m also big on cooking.  It’s like it feeds my soul.  I’m by no means an expert cook, but I love feeding people.  I love trying new recipes and while I have a small selection of favorites, I usually only make a dish once, maybe twice.  Listening to my Edith Piaf Pandora station is also a must while I slave away in my little kitchen.  In a world where eating out for every meal is the norm, and families rarely sit down together, I really yearn for the days when families cherished time together and shared a meal.

And lastly, I love old houses, furniture, clothes…  anything that had a previous owner intrigues me.  So often things made these days are just plain awful.  They fall apart and then where does that leave you?  I love mixing old and new together, which, as a designer, is really fun.  And it doesn’t hurt that I work across the street from Anthropologie.  Yikes.

So there you have it.  A really brief description of how I landed on my name. A few fun facts, should you be so inclined to think me ‘fun’:

*I love the beach, but hate getting in beach water.

*I have an unfounded fear of scales (you know, the thing you stand on and it judges you with a number…) and sewing machines.  **Shudder**  I’m sure more on the latter later.

*I am an interior designer who practices interior architecture in Austin, TX.

*I love…no, really… LOVE Austin, TX.  There is no other city for me.  At least in Texas…which is practically it’s own country, you know.

*I have a miniature schnauzer, Brodie, who is my [our] fur-baby.  And he knows it.  It’s a pathetic relationship.

*I’m married to the most wonderful, attractive man I’ve ever seen…and the best part is he loves me back.  Can a girl ask for more?  (No…the answer is no.)

So, I hope you’ll stick around.  There will be some crafts, some food, some random stories, some new music…and hopefully you’ll like it.